Why Would Someone Sell?
Brynes Capital

  • Like many Americans, you may not have known until now that life insurance is an asset that can be sold and bought after issuance in an active and regulated secondary market.  

  • An estimated $20 Billion of life insurance face amount is transacted every year in the life settlement alternative asset market.  To the detriment of policyholders, 10 times that value evaporates every year from insureds lapsing their coverage or surrendering their contract back to the carrier. 

  • A Senior Life Settlement is a socially responsible transaction that benefits seniors.  When a senior insured decides, “I want or need to sell my life insurance policy,” it is well-documented that the seller will receive a significantly greater amount by selling their policy to a life settlement company than they will to surrender it back to the carrier, or worse…stop paying the premiums and let the policy lapse worthless.

  • There are a number of considerations that come about over time that make a life settlement preferable and profitable over the options the life insurance companies make available:

  • •   Premiums are too burdensome on your budget - A life settlement transaction might be the answer to eliminating premium payments that are no longer affordable.  
  • •  Your Term Life Policy is expiring soon - Instead of lapsing your policy for no benefit, you may be able to convert to a permanent form of coverage and immediately settle it for cash in the secondary market, before any more premiums are due.  
  • •  The need to fund estate tax liability for your heirs no longer applies - If your estate value is less than $11.18 mm (double for married couples), you may be over-insured. You can eliminate a liability and earn a cash settlement for some of your surplus coverage.
  • •  You need help paying for increasing medical care costs - A life settlement can create immediate cash flow to eliminate the strain of medical bills on your household and family.  
  • •  You want to grow your retirement savings - A life settlement transaction has a double benefit of eliminating the premium drain on your budget while adding a big deposit to your retirement account.  
  • •  Your coverage no longer suits your needs or wants - You receive a lump sum payment with no restrictions on how you save, spend or invest the proceeds.

  • Brynes Capital is in business to do well by doing good.  In a life settlement transaction, both policy sellers and buyers win.

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